The History of Hoosier Cabinets. The first Hoosier-style cabinet was made by a furniture manufacturing company named Sellers in in Elwood, Indiana. Sellers later moved to New Castle. Between and there were several dozen manufacturers of Hoosier-style cabinets. After a fire, they moved to New Castle and at the height of production were making nearly cabinets per day. Many contribute the name of the cabinet to this company, while others contend it is named after the nickname for Indiana as that is where most of the cabinets were manufactured. Hoosier cabinets were more than just a cabinet; they were a must-have in most homes. The cabinets not only stored kitchen staples like flour and sugar, they also held workable utensils inside.

How to Identify a Hoosier Cabinet

Design tips , Kitchen remodeling , Projects 0 comments. Many Ohio homeowners are asking for a timeless kitchen design. White kitchen cabinets are a well-established tradition dating back to New England and the Cape. Today, white cabinets are no longer just found in cottages along the coast but are implemented in traditional or contemporary design across the U.

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Hoosier Cabinets and parts

Can anybody help me identify this cabinet. It is different from all the pictures I’m seeing. The top cabinet goes all the way to the table top and has glass fronts one still has it’s design. There are two shelves inside. There is the metal guides that connect the top to the bottom. The table top is enamel.


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Hoosier Cabinets Book. Description from the back cover of the book. This book is for anyone who owns a “hoosier” cabinet, is trying to find one, or is planning to restore one.

This freestanding cabinet handled all the kitchen bustle in the early 20th century, earning it the motto ‘Hoosier saves steps’.

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The term Hoosier Cabinets is a broad category term that implies a style of cabinet that was manufactured in or near the state of Indiana. But they should also be identified by their specific manufacturer. This information was found in advertising in magazines, in the antique markets, or listings on EBAY. They may have already been in the general furniture manufacturing business and just added kitchen cabinets because the general public wanted the new style of kitchen cabinets.

To confuse this even more there was a large kitchen cabinet company in New Castle, Indiana that was named The Hoosier Manufacturing Company.

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Home Page. Hardware Index. Hoosier Hardware Index. Ant Trap. Replacement for traps used by Hoosier, Sellers, McDougall, and other cabinet mnufacturers. Designed to fit the shank of standard wood casters. Stamped Brass.

Antique Hoosier Cabinet History, Identification, & Value

A Hoosier cabinet also known as a “Hoosier” is a type of cupboard or free-standing kitchen cabinet that also serves as a workstation. It was popular in the first few decades of the 20th century in the United States , since most houses did not have built-in kitchen cabinetry. The Hoosier Manufacturing Co. By , the Hoosier Manufacturing Company had sold two million cabinets.

Hoosier-style cabinets were also made by dozens of other companies, and most were in the Hoosier State or located nearby.

White kitchen cabinets are a well-established tradition dating back to New England Hoosier cabinets, pie safes, work tables, wash basins and other functional.

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Hoosier refers to both a manufacturer and a style of cabinet, but the word typically refers to any cabinet in the Hoosier style, not just those manufactured by Hoosier. Hoosier cabinets were popular in the early s, and they were usually made of oak with porcelain work surfaces that resist absorbing odors and stains. Hoosiers were produced in Indiana–hence the name–and were a mainstay of many American kitchens during The Depression.

Today, traditional Hoosiers can be found in antique shops or can be reproduced by craftsmen. Collectors prize Hoosiers as a focal point for retro kitchen designs, as well as for additional counter space and storage.

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An antique Hoosier cabinet is basically a year-old or older free-standing kitchen cabinet. To properly identify and value any Hoosier cabinet, you’ll need to learn about the history and manufacturers of these coveted pieces of furniture. Today, they are attractive and useful collectibles, and are extremely popular with antiques enthusiasts.

While there is some debate as to which manufacturer made Hoosier cabinets first, all experts agree that Hoosier cabinets were originally made in the U. There is also a debate about exactly where the name “Hoosier” came from regarding these cabinets. Some experts say they were named Hoosier cabinets because they were made in Indiana, which is nicknamed The Hoosier State. Others suggest Indiana-based Hoosier Manufacturing Company came up with the idea for these cabinets, so they were named after the company.

Since late 19th and early 20th century kitchens rarely featured enough built-in cabinetry to hold baking supplies and other necessities, the idea of selling freestanding baking cabinets to homemakers came about to solve the problem. These cabinets, produced by Hoosier as well as a number of other manufacturers, were designed to make kitchen work more efficient for the busy women of this era.

Sellers, a company originally based in Elwood, Indiana, is thought to be the first company to make a Hoosier-style cabinet in Up until the s and s, there were dozens of manufacturers cranking out these massive pieces of essential kitchen furniture. Hoosier cabinets are so popular among antique collectors and vintage kitchenware enthusiasts that reproductions abound. If you’re shopping for an authentic antique or need help identifying your piece of antique furniture , keep a few tips in mind.

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