It began on 26 May , running for 91 days and ending on 25 August Ikponmwosa “IK” Osakioduwa came back to host the show for the fifth season in a row. Each week, two housemates would swap houses for the upcoming week until the merge was reached. This season, 28 participants from fourteen countries participated in the series. Kenyans in particular were urged to apply by the hosting channel. On Day 1, twenty-eight housemates entered the House.

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Koketso says that they have a special friendship. We are just dating,” he says. Whilst on the other hand Uganda’s basketball player LK4 still finds a hard time adjusting to life outside the BBA house but plans to be in SA for.

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Is koketso and lk4 dating, is koketso and lk4 still dating

Follow LK4 on twitter for more updates. LKfour Twitter and Instagram. LK4 and Koketso gave their fellow Ruby Housemates more than an eyeful in the garden this afternoon.

Koketso says that they have a special friendship. We are just dating,” he says. Whilst on the other hand Uganda’s basketball player LK4 still finds a hard time adjusting to life outside the BBA house but plans to be in SA for.

The Ugandan was dared to lie on top of the South African, who had to lay flat on the grass. The kiss seemed to overwhelm the South African, who lay motionless under the Ugandan for several minutes, but eventually recovered and pushed him off her. The two then spent the rest of the afternoon together in cosy conversation, first on LK4s bed, and then in the kitchen, while the rest of the housemates of Ruby house were in the garden. Koketso had earlier on told Lugudde to stay away from her, as the relationship was causing tensions between her and the other female housemates.

Meanwhile Denzel seems to have got himself a lot of love from Africa for his antics, call them weird or different. Lagos number 1 Denzel fan! Former Makindye East MP to seek court injunction. Thursday,August 27, PM.

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A koketso like this is an opportunity for suppliers to come, bring out actual koketso and meet face to face with potential partners here in the US. We have had a fantastic response and we have had everybody from consultants, importers, distributors and retailers talk to us. Lk4 as an Exhibitor Today. Wines for by Quality, Value, and Package.

While LK4 played the rose-giving gentleman to Koketso, Bolt and Betty were already Long after the show ended, they were still publicly displaying their love even They later moved to South Africa where they live till date.

Monday, June 10, am Nigeria News 5 Comment s. During last night live eviction show, it was an embarrassing moment for LK4 who was put on the spot by show host, IK Osakioduwa, to explain what he meant Saturday night when he told Natasha that his mother had told him to be close to Nigerians and South Africans in the House to make it through. He ended up being with Koketso who never left his side until they were evicted together.

With Selly and Melvin as the Heads of the two Houses Rubies and Diamond this week, it can be predicted that Nigeria and Ghana are safe from possible eviction this week. Fifteen votes were recorded last week with Hakeem getting 6; Feza, 3; Dillish, 3, Koketso, 2 and LK4 with just a vote. Totally disappointed with viewers voting dull and boring housemates. These two were a combination of drama, romance and beautiful bodies. Great recipe for BBA you would think!

Is koketso and lk4 dating

She is classy. The strategy fell apart when I saw that I am falling for her. Koketso who stood next to his man throughout the eviction process last night says she is happy to have stayed real throughout the whole BBA experience. Although I was reserved coming into the house I remained true to myself. Do you think all these love relations in the BBA house will survive?

known as LK4 in the house, and South Africa’s Koketso steamed up is up for possible eviction this Sunday, together with Ethiopia’s Betty.

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First to be evicted was the The Prince of Uganda Lk. You may unsubscribe at any time. He told Biggie that he intends on making amends with her but hes still not sure whether she has genuine feelings for her because at the end of the day this is a game. By signing up you agree to receive updates and special offers from TheNET.

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Big Brother Contestant – Vimbai Talks About Dating A Nigerian and Life After BBA